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Nikola Stojkovic

For any object, person, planet, animal to exist, an infinite flurry of universes, events, actions, and reactions must meet over the course of history, to create one completely unique multitude of matter, which will then go on to shape and form, through simply being, more unique multitudes. It is at once completely free of probability, and yet, in some way, preordained.

It is from this fantastic process, millions of years in the making, that I was shaped. A child, a boy, a young man, whose interest in films grew from making thirty second stop motion films with action figures, to short films and plays, told from a voice that has developed and changed through each year of my life.

Film has become my choice medium to express what my voice contains. I write, direct and edit stories with the hope that they can impact and affect someone’s life, even for a fleeting moment. I am part of that universal process, only on a smaller scale: a flurry of thoughts, ideas, emotions, creating one unique multitude - the story.

On this site you can view my work as a writer and director. Whether it is loved or hated, or something in between, I hope it holds some impact. 


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